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Malabar Farms

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Malabar Farms

I had a chance to interview Jim Huffman about the efforts at Malabar Farms this week and what they have been doing. The volunteer efforts have improved the overall appearance of the park. Doris’s leadership groomed the gardens into an excellent condition with all our help. She will be sorely missed. Two groups are working on the Zody garden and the Aerhart garden with great results. So, there are a source of volunteers for both. In August the Master Gardeners honored Doris for her work. This last week in September will be the 42nd

Heritage Days. If you are not working that day, come and enjoy. We are looking for help to re-glaze the greenhouse. Always more than enough work for you to come and enjoy the sunshine, flowers, birds singing, and killing weeds. Thank you.

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