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Our production goal is Biogas from animal and other waste. The waste is processed in our digester vessels and produces Biogas ( 60% methane and 40% CO2).

The byproducts are the effluents solids and liquid portion. 

The Biogas is burned in a modified diesel engine with exhaust gas being 100% CO2. 

Heat from the engine and C02 cooler is used for greenhouse heat. We super charge the grow beds with 1,400 parts per million of C02.

Photosynthesis from extend lighting grows plants faster and bigger by as much as 50%. 

The liquid effluent as Makrogro rejuvenates soil by renewing the biome killed by Glyphosate. 

Biogas Benefits-

-Biogas is the end product of animal waste breakdown formerly dissipated.

-OHFC Biogas feeds into the energy grid to offset production cost, reducing energy cost for cooperative members.

-Many Biogas processors remove CO2 to inject the CH4 methane into pipelines as RNG, renewable natural gas sold for 2.15 to 2.50 on the NYMEX exchange.

-The cost of CO2 removal equipment exceeds the cost of our greenhouse system. 

-Biogas is a well established multi-billion dollar industry in Europe.

-The OHFC Biogas facility produces enough energy to power over 1,400 homes monthly using a thousand KW hours per month. 

-The technology for Biogas production has existed for decades, perfected by Germany since the mid 1930's. 

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