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MAkrogro & Fertilcomp


The Ohio Healthy Food Cooperative is unique in that it divides our effluent into 3 product streams. 


One is a dry 28% moisture compost-like product that can be treated and  sold as is.  Fertilcomp

The second stream, 60% of the dry effluent forms the base of  our specialized growing medium. The addition of mineral supplements and other ingredients increases the mass by six times, producing a large volume of high quality growing medium for consumer and commercial markets-Fertilcomp+


The third is the liquid portion following the separation of the solids that is enhanced with microbes found naturally in soil-Makrogro 

The microbes in the Makrogro products are environmentally and user friendly. The multiple strains of beneficial microbes  support atmospheric nitrogen fixation and availability, phosphate solubilization, plant nutrient uptake, phyto-hormone stimulation, and act as biological control agents. Better root and shoot development make higher yields and superior nutrient density in the foods grown.


Makrogro is not just for field crops. It may be used effectively in growing all plants in a greenhouse or in the field. The use of Makrogro in the high yield MiKris Garden Systems adds to the power of the growing medium. Results are observed within days of application. 

MakroGro contains over 30 strains of friendly soil bacteria and fungi in huge concentrations, one trillion per liter. Similar products are used in Michigan. 

Benefits of Makrogro and Fertilcomp

  • Renews soil organic matter by efficiently breaking down crop residues each year.

  • Deepens humus-laden soil over time creating highly permeable bed depth of as much as one meter or more

  • Encourages the retention of water throughout the soil bed by establishing a deep infiltration zone

  • Increased  plant nutrient levels - Plant tissue tests indicate higher BRIX content, greater Chlorophyll, increased plant protein and mineral content

  • Virtually eliminates the runoff of expensive fertilizers because of the capacity of the deep frangible soil bed to hold and absorb water

  • 100% environmentally sustainable 

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