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Healthy Food

Healthy Food

The name of our cooperative indicates the high priority we place on the production of healthy food.

Our goal is to ensure all food produced by our cooperative meets our three A's; 

Abundant, Accessible & Affordable.

Greenhouse Culture

We harness Biogas from animal waste to produce electricity to heat and light our green houses. We use carbon dioxide (the exhaust  stack gas) to boost production. 6.5 hours of extra light makes plants grow bigger and faster. Our culture system produces as many as 20 crops of lettuce per year. 

Local production eliminates the need to import fruit and vegetables from distant producers.  We harvest when ripe because local delivery is fast. Our fresh veggies are loaded with nutrients; vitamins enzymes phytonutrients and minerals. 

Our surplus electricity is sold to our farmers, electric cooperatives and others. 

We plan to grow healthy food that will build healthy people.


We process animal manure in our reactor vessels to produce Biogas (60% methane and 40% carbon dioxide) 

We use the Biogas to power our modified diesel engine generators to make thousands of Kilowatts of electrical power. 

We scavenge the heat for our greenhouses. We light the Greenhouses for 7 hours in the early morning. We pump in cooled CO2 to enrich the atmosphere at the plant. Photosynthesis is extended to make all plants grow bigger and faster. 

This produces fresh veggies locally with no long distance hauling you get fresh produce full of nutrients, free of glyphosate, cheaper than California imports. 

NOGMO is our brand no genetically modified organisms.

NOGMO and OHFC a combination that cannot be beaten, Join us and help produce this new miracle. 

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