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About Ohio Healthy Foods


 The Ohio Healthy Food Cooperative-


 We are a farmers cooperative established to eliminate the waste of animal manure, green waste, whey and other products while, creating honorable work, growing fresh vegetables and fruits; and to eliminate  farm runoff. We  reduce air pollution by utilizing methane for energy. We sequester carbon dioxide by capturing, cooling, compressing and pumping C02 into greenhouse growbeds, where it is absorbed by plants. 

Our Vision



Creating value-


With our products Makrogro, Biogas, and Healthy Foods. We create quality local jobs. We capture carbon gasses at the most potent levels of animal agriculture. It is our vision to create a healthy community, a better world and a clean environment.

Cooperative ownership

Cooperative ownership

Demonstrates the compassion for our workers and members under a philosophy of sharing, that creates a new means of achieving success in every sphere of life.

Our Team

Our Founder, and Chairman

   Dale L. M. Larson, Chairman of the Board of Directors, is an experienced businessman, inventor, author, and visionary. His development of certain growing systems and media, with his Larson CCP™ continuous companion planting techniques; and his work in sustainable agriculture through animal waste management are the foundation for the OHFC  Biogas Program. 

   Larson has examined community gardens and urban farms throughout the Midwest, with emphasis on rural enclaves and urban neighborhoods in poverty, to form the basis of his Rural and Urban Farms/farmers’ market designs. His book “A Blueprint for the Elimination of American Slums” is based on his Detroit research and suggest the use of comprehensive Urban Farms, workforce development units, distribution hubs and farmers markets to resolve some of the unemployment  and derelict housing issues.

    "I believe that we all have a responsibility to improve the world that we live in as we examine and look back at our lives. For myself, I have been blessed in so many ways. Since I have been blessed, my hope is that I might share my love of gardening and my desire to help others to improve the lives of those people that find themselves in these neighborhoods across the country and in Ohio.

   With sound leadership where goals that are set and direction is given, clear goals can be achieved. Depressed areas such as you see in Detroit can be changed with good management and a plan to achieve these goals. I want to be a part of this sort of vision that could be copied throughout Ohio, this country, and throughout the world."

Co-Founder and Vice President

Eric W. Larson Vice President, B.Sc. Business Administration, graduated 1977,   Computer Science Ashland University- 1985, University of Akron- 1981-1983. Eric’s duties as Vice-President Greenhouse operations entails crop planning, programming of schedules, and coordination with Amish Family Farm Cooperatives. Eric is a column writer for several regional newspapers, is a master gardener and a landscape designer. Eric has long-term experience in greenhouse design and functions, operated family hydroponics greenhouses.

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