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Blust Avenue

Blust Avenue

By Eric Larson

This Summer I had the opportunity to help teach some classes at Blust Avenue. I started out the season with a class on testing the soil and all of what it means and the varieties of ways that you can test the soil which is something all of us need to do. One thing I would like to encourage for all of us gardeners is to keep a journal to record the events that happen during the season so that when an insect appears we can manage the. I also talked about insects. We caught insects throughout the garden and identified what they were. They young people that were there had all kinds of fun. In July we had a tasting event in the garden. What I found interesting is that we had young people eating vegetables that had never tasted some of the vegetables enjoying some from the garden. Wow!!! Right. We may have converted some young people to eating vegetables.

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