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What is the Ohio Healthy Food Cooperative?
 We are a farmers cooperative established to eliminate the waste of animal manure, green waste, whey and other products while creating honorable work, growing fresh vegetables and fruits; and to help eliminate dangerous agricultural runoff, reduce air and water pollution by utilizing methane for energy and to sequester carbon dioxide in plant tissue. 
Using animal waste to Grow the future

The goal of The Ohio Healthy Food Cooperative is Healthy Food. Our system produces healthy food abundantly, affordably and accessible locally. 


We harness Biogas from animal waste to produce electricity. The Biogas generates electricity to heat and light our greenhouses. We use carbon dioxide (the exhaust stack gas) to boost production. 6.5 hours of extra light makes plants grow faster and bigger. Our culture system produces as many as twenty crops of lettuce per year. 


The basic products of our process are the effluent - dry compost we call Fertilcomp, a field applied natural fertilizer.  We blend 11 constituents with the dry compost to make Fertilcomp+ our growing medium.  The liquid effluent is produced by inoculating with microbes and mycelia to create our OHFC Makrogro. 

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